The History of Inada is the History of the Modern Massage Chair!

Inada has a long and remarkable history in the design and manufacture of shiatsu massage chairs. Almost every important innovation made in the robotic massage chair industry had its start in the Research & Development department of Family Inada’s headquarters in Osaka, Japan.

The Sogno DreamWave massage chair involved millions of dollars of R & D investment and over 7 years of development time to bring the chair to market.  Similar investments in time, money, and research & development have made Inada the #1 massage chair company in the world.

Inada will continue to innovate and surprise the world with features that deliver therapeutic benefits far beyond those available from any other brand of robotic massage chair.

Here’s a short list of Inada “firsts” in therapeutic massage chair development:

  • The FIRST automatic massage chair – 1962
  • The FIRST massage chair with vibration
  • The FIRST massage chair kneading / tapping mechanism
  • The FIRST massage chair with pre-programmed courses
  • The FIRST with massage chair with back scanning designed to locate shiatsu points
  • The FIRST to offer massage customized to a user’s body profile
  • The FIRST with a massage mechanism that mimics the feel and touch of human hands
  • The FIRST with air-driven massage
  • The FIRST with ULTRA-Slow Kneading
  • The FIRST massage chair with an automated footrest
  • The FIRST massage mechanism with 3D Rollers
  • The FIRST massage chair with voice activation
  • The FIRST to offer child and pet safety features
  • The FIRST massage chair to receive Japanese medical approval
  • The FIRST with joystick massage management
  • The FIRST to offer over 1,200 square inches of overall massage coverage
  • The FIRST to bring DreamWave technology to market
  • The FIRST to offer stretch functions that deliver inter-segmental traction
  • Any many, many more FIRSTS!

Inada Australia

We are an Australian owned and operated company, with our head office, showroom and warehouse in SYDNEY.  We provide fast delivery AUSTRALIA WIDE.  After more than 10 years of experience in the massage chair industry (importing & selling Chinese made massage chairs), we determined that the Australian market wanted (& needed!) JAPANESE massage chairs.  More to the point, INADA Japanese Massage Chairs offering the best massage chairs in the world!  We were ultimately appointed the EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR of Inada Massage Chairs by the Family Inada massage chair company of Osaka, Japan. After analyzing and trying the varying types of massage chairs available, we are without any doubt that the Inada massage chairs offer a robotic massage experience that is far superior to anything else on the market today – in fact, other massage chairs are simply incomparable to INADA massage chairs!

We are proud to Inada to Australia and are aware that many customers have been waiting for this day for a long time!  INADA Japanese brand massage chair sold in Australia.  We will be developing a network of dealers throughout Australia who can help you choose the Inada massage chair that is right for you.  Our after-sale customer service and technical support for what you do choose to own from Inada is also first rate. We are proud to be able to share the one-of-a-kind experience that you get when you own an Inada massage chair. 

All staff are trained in our range of products and provide very personalised service using our vast knowledge to ensure you find the right massage chair for you. We treat all customers as we would expect to be treated ourselves which is (unfortunately) a rarity in today's world!

We are one of the only Massage Chair retailers in Australia with our own in-house service department. This provides our customers with complete peace of mind that they are dealing with fully qualified technician's who have specialist training in massage chairs.   It is unlikely you will experience any technical problems with your INADA Massage Chair, however, should this occur, you can count on our service - as the standard bearer of the industry, we take great pride in the way we manage your interaction with our brand well after you have purchased your Inada product from ourselves or one of our dealers.  Should it ever be required, this ensures you are able to have your massage chair repaired efficiently & effectively.  Unlike other massage chair retailers, you do not have to deal with any third parties and are not made to 'jump through hoops' for any service related issues.

Our service department will only ever deal with INADA Massage Chairs - we are NOT able to service any other massage chair! Please be extremely cautious of inferior products.  We cannot stress enough that when it comes to massage chairs, the JAPANESE are the original & the best in every single aspect.  All other massage chairs in Australia have simply been copied and manufactured with little or no R&D (Research & Development), little or no QA (Quality Assurance) and with as much cost-cutting as possible resulting in poorly made products with little or no longevity.  Sure, you can purchase a far inferior product to ‘save’ some money but if you are not happy with that massage chair &/OR  have to purchase another massage chair within a year or 2, effectively, the initial purchase was not money saved but rather money burned!!  With over 10 years of associations with Chinese made massage chairs, we are definitely speaking from experience in this regard.
Along with the best massage chairs in Australia, we also pride ourselves on our exceptional service. We are an Australian family run business and all our staff are dedicated to offering state of the art products at extraordinary prices with unbeatable personalised service. All of our INADA massage chairs come with a full comprehensive 3 year IN-HOME Warranty*!