3 Innovative Wellness Brands for Healthier & Stree-free living

3 Innovative Wellness Brands for Healthier & Stress-Free Living

Stress has become a part of the modern life. Though we all prefer not to get involved, it is running it course and most of us have no clue on how to live healthier and stress free lives.

If your mind and body filled with stress due to some internal or external factors, these 3 wellness brands use technology, innovation and hard work to move us toward our health and wellness goals.

 Let’s find out how they can help.

Inada Brand

Inada is one of the oldest and world’s number one manufacturer of shiatsu massage chairs. It has led innovation, research & development of key products in robotic massage chair industry. For that, it invested vast amounts of time, money and resources.

Result? Highly functional massage chairs.

When exploring massage chairs, you can place your trust in Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair that comes with an infrared sensor. It detects Shiatsu points in your body and offers massage with the help of 13 motors and more than 101 active air massage cells.

3D roller mechanism offers deeper massage or gentler massage according to the needs of your body. This feature is same as best techniques used by professionals massage therapists while using the right amount of pressure.

This massage chair also has a swing function that is often used by massage professionals after treatment. It has a side press that pushes up against your pelvis and offers massage that has a swaying sensation. This add-on feature ensures that you feel more relaxed.

If your kid, like most of the growing kids, has a difficult life that includes study stress, growth spurts or active social life, you can try the youth program and help your kid (of age 14 or up) to recover from fatigue while reducing stress on youngster’s bodies.

Some of the other features that make this chair worth your while are deep relaxation settings and consecutive & longer massage sessions.

In case you are looking for another option, you can go for Inada 3S FLEX Medical Massage Chair designed for people under 6 feet and 100 kg (about 220 lbs.) weight.

This chair has three key options. Standby helps in restoring the body’s natural S-curve in the back. Stretch will stretch your diaphragm via deep breathing to improve posture. S-Line will include simple stretching and exercises that can be performed in 3S.

This massage chair also provides embrace massage which enables deeper mass with a firm embrace that begins at shoulders and covers the upper arms too.

 In this mode, the rollers will penetrate pain and aches you might have while embracing your body with airbags. If you often feel lumpy, the four seesaw type running rollers will take care of that. Similarly, if you require a firm massage, you can pick the ultra-slow system and feel your body relax!

One more feature worth mentioning is its 3D push out mechanism. It adjusts intensity with air specific flexibility while letting airbags move in three dimensions to fit a body.

Peloton Brand

Most of us think of exercising from the next day, next week, next month or next year. The most common excuse people give for not exercising is that they can’t find time to hit the gym. Simple logic says that the answer to this problem is to exercise at home.

If you are wondering whether you should invest in a home exercising equipmen, then you should know that apart from giving you good physical health, exercising regularly will make you happy as well.

A study conducted by Penn State University has found that people become happier and productive when they exercise regularly.

Now if you are convinced you need to think about exercising at home then you might consider investing in the Peloton bike that allows you actually to enjoy indoor cycling.

Equipment also lets you stream daily live classes from the NYC studio anytime you want.

The bike is well designed to ensure that you have a pleasant experience whenever you hop on. It has a strong seat that can be adjustable in two dimensions which lets you select a comfortable fit.

It also makes riding a full-body experience by allowing you to put some weights on weight holders and use them while cycling.

This innovative bike also has a 22-inch HD sweatproof touchscreen, adjustable & nonslip handlebars; a resistance knob that lets you adjusts levels of natural-feeling magnetic resistance.

The belt drive is nearly silent, strong and can last for years while the pedals are compatible with an assortment of cycling shoes. It also has strong leveling feet that ensure you remain comfortable no matter how hard you peddle. A compact 4’ X 2’ footprint of this bike ensures it doesn’t take too much space and offers more benefits than the space it captures.

Altwork Brand

Do you spend long hours sitting in the same position at work or at home?

Are 10-12 hours in the same position common to you while you are at the office?

If so, it’s time to give yourself a break.

A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine has found that if you keep sitting for excessively long periods of time, you might be heading towards early mortality.

The more you keep sitting in the same place, the higher would be the risk of early death!

You can’t leave your job to save yourself from this potential threat, can you? A perfect solution to this problem is to take a break every 30 minutes and invest in Altwork Station.

 It’s a workstation that allows you to move your computer with your body. All you need to do is to press a button, and you will be able to use the computer while standing, sitting, collaborating or when you are in a reclined focus position.

Created with the aim to help computer users to be more creative and productive through better workplace comfort and health, Altwork allows you to adjust to four key positions. They are sitting, standing, reclining into a zero-gravity position or reclining into a focus position.

Collaborating or holding meetings is also simpler with a computer screen that swings any way you want. When you move, Altwork will move with you and let you be in control at all times, what more do you expect from a modern and state of the art workstation?

The innovative workstation has amazing components like a headrest, rear panels, rear storage tray, a monitor mount, a desk, leg rest, frame with wheels and palm rests.

It also has palm rests, VESA mount for standard monitor, PC or MAC developer magnet set that lets you affix keyboard, mouse, tablets to the desk and an electronics cabinet that helps in protecting electrical components under the seat. It can also serve as a platform for a laptop.

Altwork is recommended for people within the height range 5’1″ to 6’4″ and up to 250-pound users.


If you ever decided to consider products from these brands, you may essentially be working towards giving yourself a better chance for a stress-free living.

How about throwing in the mix some productivity and positive attitude. You may just become a bit happier as a human being as well.