Benefits of Prenatal Massage


Pregnant mothers undergo physiological changes during various stages of pregnancy, and this also manifests in pain. For instance, throbbing pain in the feet, aching backs and sleep disorders are some of the symptoms that expectant moms experience in addition to waves of nausea. Massages are not alternative therapies, but are increasingly becoming a part of normal physician advised sessions. At the end of sessions it is not abnormal to see mothers feeling rejuvenated will considerable pain management benefits.  And for moms with other children to take care, it also offers the right kind of energy.

A whole body of research has been focused on the benefits of proper prenatal massages and the results are encouraging. The studies reveal that mental as well as physical rewards accrue as a result of prenatal massage. Aching and sore muscles have always experienced great relief after a massage. And this is the same for individuals involved in strenuous exercise or pregnant moms carrying extra weight. Bodies will adapt to the extra weight, but the effort will cause pain and discomfort and there really is nothing to beat a soothing massage.  Pain can not only be numbing, it can be extremely discomforting and for an expectant mother who is putting up with other changes in the body, this can be rather tough to handle. Symptomatic of sciatic nerve pain which radiates from the lower back to the back or the legs, pain related to pregnancy requires the right touch to offer relief with the right stimulus.

Expectant mothers are advised to be in a positive frame of mind during pregnancy and none of the physiological conditions actually help or encourage a cheerful disposition. A massage can have a great soothing effect, and stimulate the release of dopamine, which is known to make the individual feel a lot better.  Multiple factors contribute to a smooth delivery at childbirth, and this includes lower levels of stress and higher levels of positivity. A therapeutic massage at the hands of a trained professional will certainly help in maintaining a better disposition, thereby contributing to a healthy delivery. This is a lot unlike premature deliveries which have also been attributed to high stress levels, in addition to other factors.

The single biggest discomfort of women during various stages of pregnancy are the different posture that they need to take, the stance, the compressed lower back, the weaker core and higher levels of pressure on legs. However, pregnant moms who opt for a massage need to take the massages only from certified therapists and not a general masseuse. While it may appear that both are similar and belong to the same science of reflexology, it is actually different. A pre-natal massage has many considerations, such as the position of the individual taking the massage, the stage of pregnancy and many other related conditions. The duration of the massages are also a lot lesser, because of the different positions that the pregnant mother needs to adopt. Typically, the massages are offered twice a week, and only with the active consent or recommendation of the obstetrician. You can find more about massage chairs on our homepage at Inadamassagechairs.