Choosing The Right Massage Chair


A massage chair in your home is like having a therapist on call all the time. You actually get the luxury of a rejuvenating and uplifting massage, on demand, in the luxury of your home. It is ideally a one-time investment, other than replacement of spares which may depend on the usage, with minimal costs. Rather than having to adjust your time to fit the therapists appointment, a massage chair offers most of the benefits that a therapist can offer, at considerably lower costs with greater convenience. The only consideration is the choice of the massage chair. A wrong choice and you may rue your decision. Take a look at these tips before you make your choice.

Recline Angle

Ideally you need to look for a massage chair that offers a greater recline angle. The more the angle, the better the experience in the chair. To put it quite simply, when there is more body weight on the massaging mechanism, the greater will be the effect of the massage. If you can find yourself a chair that makes you lie down fully, you can be sure that you will get a better experience than a chair that offers limited recline angle. With a greater recline angle, you will be able to get most if not all parts of your body massage, including sciatic pain.

Massaging Option

Typically, a massaging chair would offer one of two or sometimes both options of roller or airbags. While both offer therapeutic effects of a good massage, there are cost factors involved, in addition to differences in intensity of massage. A roller mechanism while being relatively priced higher, offers greater intensity of massages, while giving the same sensation as a two handed massage. The airbag option is a good option and allow the user to choose the area which needs to be massaged, as per requirements of intensity. Both are good options, and for those with a higher budget, it would be a good choice to go with the roller mechanism.

Customizing Options

This should be a mandatory feature in the massaging chair that you choose. Regardless of its effectiveness of massaging your whole body, the massaging chair needs to offer customizing options, in terms of intensity of the massage and the area of massage. This needs to be in combination with the recline angle of the massage chair. If you choose a chair without any customizing options, you will certainly find that you have made a wrong choice, as your needs will differ. Additionally, a chair with customization, will permit other members of your family to also use the chair and receive relief.

Price of The Chair

While for many, this could be a very important consideration, you need to balance your requirements with the price of the chair. Bear in mind that with the right choice, this could be a one time investment, or an investment that lasts for a very long time. As you may not be looking at changing the chair often, it would be a good idea to choose one of superior quality, with warranty and a good reputation. The build quality, the feel, the texture of the material and the effectiveness of the massage need to be factored in, along with the costs to fully assess and evaluate your choice.