INADA and OSIM Massage Chair relationship

We have recently been receiving enquiries regarding INADA massage chairs compared to OSIM massage chairs and thought it was time to clear the air with some facts on the OSIM and INADA massage chairs relationship…

From the mid 1980’s up until 2009, Family INADA Japan manufactured OSIM’s massage chairs.  INADA is the manufacturer and OSIM was the brand.  The relationship between INADA and OSIM ended in 2009 with the final JAPANESE made chairs made by INADA for OSIM being the uDream (Inada Sogno Dreamwave) & uYoga.  Since then, OSIM is no longer made in Japan.  INADA continues to be MADE IN JAPAN.

From this point onwards, INADA (the MANUFACTURER & BRAND) has been focusing on building its own brand worldwide.  INADA massage chairs are now sold in over 70 countries worldwide.   INADA celebrated their 50th year anniversary in 2012 and are the longest standing massage chair manufacturer in existence. 

INADA manufactured the very first massage chair in 1962 and are solely focused on manufacturing massage chairs only, making them true specialists in Massage Chairs.  INADA are the number one massage chair brand worldwide and have won more awards and accolades than any other massage chair in the world. INADA are one of the only massage chair companies that are still manufactured in Japan & THE ONLY Japanese made massage chair available in Australia.  In over 50 years of developing & engineering massage chairs, INADA have been the pioneers in the massage chair industry creating many “firsts” – stay tuned for next article in relation to INADA’s years of massage chair “firsts”!

After much demand, INADA massage chairs finally arrived in Australia in December 2012 and are now available for Australia wide delivery with showrooms located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. INADA massage chairs include a 3 year comprehensive IN-HOME* warranty which is the best in the industry.

In summary, INADA Japan no longer manufacture massage chairs for OSIM but rather manufacture their long-standing  / world renowned & well recognised JAPANESE massage chairs for their own brand, INADA.  INADA is the original Japanese Massage Chair MANUFACTURER.


INADA massage chairs (you may recognize some OSIM branded massage chairs, MADE BY INADA JAPAN)…


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