Inada for those new to Massage Chairs


Inada for the newbie. 

Picture this. You’ve just arrived home from a long and hard day at work. Lots of emails, meetings, phone calls, all that fun work stuff. The drive home was horrendous. Traffic was heavy, the rain was pelting, and that five car pile-up on the highway certainly didn’t help! You enter the door of your home. Take off your shoes, and feel your toes aching. You have a headache. Boy, what you would give to have a nice relaxing massage right now! Well, you can. In fact, you can have it whenever you like, in the comfort of your own home. Whether it be while watching the latest Family Feud episode, enjoying Mozart in the background, or simply having a massage in complete and utter silence. Inada makes your dream come true!

Inada officially has the world’s best massage chair. Yes, you read that right. The world’s best! That’s because Inada prides itself in delivering the best quality chairs, and takes time to make sure the chair is perfect in all areas. As a company that has been making massage chairs since the early 60s, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about making a great massage chair! Nearly every new innovation in massage chairs has come from Inada. The chairs are made in Japan, and lots of time and effort go into research and development. Expertly crafted and built with the ancient Japanese healing practice using the body’s shiatsu points, Inada massage chairs work you over like a team of shiatsu healing masters. It’s the most exquisite and first-class shiatsu massage chair experience possible! Inada is the leader in the massage chair business, and Inada’s reputation is unmatched in the industry. It’s like the Rolls Royce of massage chairs!

What makes Inada’s massage chairs so good? Firstly, if you’re looking to invest in a massage chair, look no further.  Inada massage chairs are rigorously tested to run 2,500 continuous hours which equates to 10,000 individual massage sessions so if used once a day, you are looking at a 20+ year lifespan. If you were to have a daily massage at a massage therapist, at an average of $80 per massage, over 20 years, that would equal $584,000 spent in massages!  In some cases, you could have paid off a home in that time. Safe to say, Inada massage chairs are drastically more economical than this!

Secondly, the Inada Massage chair is an extremely intelligent massage. Inada massage programs are designed from scratch by actual massage experts to re-create proven massage techniques with robotics. Inada massage chairs are designed to remove tension and stiffness, maximise relief, and create that escape from everyday life we look for! Furthermore, Inada massage chairs include medical grade therapy - Inada collaborates with ten medical research facilities and seven universities to assist in designing massage programs for the chairs. Imagine all those people working towards giving you that unforgettable massage!

So much time and effort is spent in Research and Development, that the Inada DreamWave chair, known as “the world’s best massage chair”, took over 7 years to develop! That’s a lot of sticky notes, coffee breaks, whiteboard markers, and lots of CC’s in emails. And it’s not only Inada that has a high opinion of itself. It’s safe to say Inada likes the spotlight, which is why it has won so many awards. Just to name a few, Inada has won the most outstanding branding image award for TVB Australia in 2015, The Design & Engineering Showcase Award at the 2010 Consumer Electronics show in the United States, and came runner up for the Pinnacle Award at the 2009 American Society of Furniture Designers. And keeping with tradition of Inada enjoying the spotlight, the Dreamwave massage chair got an acting gig, when it was featured on NBC’s “30 Rock” TV show and more recently in Halle Berry’s “Extant”!

Inada has a lot of pride for its products which goes hand in hand with the Japanese culture & mentality. With many awards under its belt, having built the world’s first massage chair, making the world’s best massage chair, and being specialist massage chair makers for over 50 years, Inada is the place to get a massage chair! But don’t just take our word for it, Come and try one for yourself! Come and relax in our modern showrooms, and take your time exploring the massage chairs. We have showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and more.  You can try just one chair, or try them all and compare! Our friendly massage chair consultants will answer all questions you have about the chairs. The only hard choice you will have to make is which colour to get the chair in! When you think of the massage chair, you think of Inada. Feel to believe!