Massage Chairs for a Relaxing, Healthy & Happy New Year!

With an Inada Massage Chair, why not make 2014 the most relaxing, healthiest year possible?

Did anyone have a New Years resolution such as: to be more relaxed?  to improve lifestyle or work/life balance? to be less stressed? to have more 'me' time? to improve health? to feel better?

Make 2014 a better year with Inada Massage Chairs, the only Japanese Massage Chairs in Australia!  After all, how often in 2013 or prior years did you have any of the following:

Sore back?  A massage chair can help!

Stiff neck? A massage chair can help!

Sleep issues / insomnia? A massage chair can help!

Headaches? A massage chair can help!

Stress? A massage chair can help!

Sore, swollen or tired legs? A massage chair can help!

Circulation issues? A massage chair can help!

Sore feet? A massage chair can help!


How often in prior years have you thought, "a massage right about now would be fantastic"!? How often have you thought about getting a massage but never get around to it due to your hectic schedule? How often have you tried to make an appointment with a massage therapist only to find that they are booked out or not available when you are?  How often have you gone to a massage therapist only to not feel comfortable (ie. wrong environment, wrong therapist, too hard / too soft / not clean, etc.)? How much time and money do you spend going to massage therapists on a regular basis?  A massage chair in the comfort & convenience of your own home can alieviate all of this!!  Imagine having that feeling of needing a massage & being able to immediately sit down into your very own thereputic massage chair in your own loungeroom/bedroom!?  Imagine being able to 'maintain' your body with a regular daily massage rather than having to 'repair' it when it 'breaks-down' due to lack of attention/maintenance (like a car!)? Imagine feeling like a massage in the middle of the night (when you can't sleep) and actually being able to get that & fall asleep in utter relaxation in your very own massage chair

You don't have to make an appointment with your massage chair!  You don't have to un-dress for massage chairs!  You don't have a stranger touching you with massage chairs! A massage chair will do what you 'tell' it to do (rather than not listening to you when you say harder or softer like with a human massage therapist!)  Massage chairs will not get tired half way through your massage like often happens with human massage therapists!  A massage chair is more time efficient as it massages your whole body all at once rather than working on one spot at a time (although a massage chair can do that too if that is what you want!).  A massage chair will give you a variety of different massaging techniques and massage options which your body will love you for!

All this at a fraction of the cost of going to a massage therapist on a regular basis & better yet, more than one person (ie. husband/wife/mum/dad, etc.) get to use the massage chair too!  If you pay for a 1 hour massage even just once a week, it could cost you up to $5200 (based on $100 for a 1 hour massage) and you have to continually pay this so in 3 years, you could have spent $15,600 & this just accumulates in futuer years!  However, once you've paid for your massage chair, that's it, no further costs for massages & you can use your massage chair as often as you want as can others in your household.  It is a win-win solution so go on & make 2014 a better year for you, your health, your body & your family!!  Contact us today or call us on 02 8307 0878 for a free massage chair demonstration.

Happy 2014!!