Become a Distributor

When you feature Inada massage products on your store floor, you are making a commitment to unrivaled quality. Independent research conducted by Inada has shown that 98% of Inada massage chair buyers are “highly satisfied” with their purchase. This extraordinary rate of customer satisfaction reflects positively on Inada distributors.

Representing Inada as an Authorized Inada Massage Chair distributor insures that goodwill accrues to your business in the form of repeat purchases, improved sales, and positive word of mouth.

We offer unrivaled massage chair quality and unrivaled customer support. Inada makes every effort to understand and respond to the needs of our resellers, and we work each day to improve the service that we offer to Inada massage chair distributors and their customers. Whether you’re an individual medical practitioner, Chiropractor, Health & Beauty Spa, Massage Clinic; or Boutique/Specialist retailer; or large chain retailer, we’re determined to build a healthy, honest partnership with you…and help you build your business.

The largest distributor of INADA Massage Chairs in the USA is “Relax The Back” – they have 96 stores throughout the US and have this to say about INADA……

"One of our most successful programs and resource partnerships has been with INADA. We have experienced unprecedented growth in the massage category with INADA product, with INADA ranking at the top of our resource list in terms of generated revenue product penetration across our network of retail stores. I have found INADA to be a most well-rounded partner, with excellent customer service, training, and logistics programs firmly in place. We continue to increase our sales projections for the short and long term as INADA continues to beat all expectations." J.D. Nespoli, V.P., Merchandising, Relax The Back.

If you’re interested in representing our extraordinary line of Inada massage chairs, please complete application form to discuss becoming an Authorized Inada Massage Chair distributor! We’d be delighted to talk to you about the requirements and rewards of representing Inada massage chairs, the ONLY Japanese Massage Chair brand in Australia!

A summary of our basic distributor requirements follow. If your business matches any one of the following criteria, in singular or multiple locations throughout Australia, you may qualify as an Authorized Distributor:

  • You operate a specialty health store;
  • You operate a furniture store;
  • You operate a high-quality, audio-visual store or you’re a home theater installer;
  • You are a home decorator or designer;
  • You are a practicing chiropractor;
  • You operate a massage therapy practice;
  • You operate a health club or spa.