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In today's busy world, we are very susceptible to stress which can affect us in many different unhealthy ways.  A proven way to reduce stress is the act of massage.  It's not always convenient to go see a massage therapist, and unless you have a serious injury that needs the specific care of a professional, it's just not practical to go to see them on a regular basis.  Is there a solution to this dilemma?  We need stress relief, but having to book and pay for massage treatments several times a week can get to be very pricey and time consuming.  Of course, there is a solution and that is to have the very best massage chair in the world right in your own living room.  INADA has been perfecting our healing craft since 1962, meaning each of our products is the result of many decades worth of innovation and improvements.  Enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage anytime you want, at home and even at the office, thanks to INADA.

Each and every one of our massage chairs has undergone intense testing to ensure that they are durable, therapeutic and as effective as possible.  No other manufacturer in the entire world has reached our level of proficiency when it comes to making these chairs.  INADA massage chairs provide you with the very pinnacle of shiatsu massage in the home, office, or anywhere else you'd like.  These chairs simply can't be compared to the cheap Chinese copies with lack the same quality, durability, effectiveness and attention to detail from decades of refined techniques.  INADA is the only company in all of Australia to purchase genuine Japanese chairs that will provide you with a full-body shiatsu massage.  Our chairs are luxurious and top-of-the-line, yet still an incredible value.

At INADA, we are experts in this field.  We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2012 and ever since that very first day, we've stayed true to our dedication to provide consumers with the quality and performance that they deserve.  Throughout our existence, other Japanese massage chair companies have come and gone and now we're one of only two that are still remaining.  There's a reason that we have been the leader in the market for so long, and there's a reason that Japan has such a stellar reputation when it comes to making these therapeutic chairs.

It's impossible to truly understand the greatness of these chairs without sitting in one for yourself.  In fact, to call them chairs feels like an understatement.  Throne would be a much more fitting name!  We sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to try one of Inada's world-famous massage therapy chairs for yourself someday very soon.  Once you've had the chance to sit in one for yourself, you will start to question how you were ever able to live without it.  It's time that you take comfort to a whole new level that you didn't even know existed.