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Inada Cube Folding Massage Chair (Discontinued Model). DEMO MODEL CLEARANCE SALE or See Cube PLUS page instead.


Sometimes a full-size massage chair just won't fit inside your home or your budget, but you still want an effective massage, and you care about quality. That's why we created the Cube folding massage chair and foot massager. Featuring the world-renowned intelligence and quality of all Inada massage chairs, the Cube offers a unique twist: while open, it offers a soothing and therapeutic foot, calf, seat, and lower back massage; when you need more space, just fold it up and use as an ottoman, stool, or side table. The most versatile folding massage chair and foot massager available!

Discontinued Model.  New Model: Inada Cube PLUS Folding Massage Chair

The cube massage chair delivers a soothing and therapeutic foot, calf, seat, and lower back massage. Featuring the world renowned intelligence, reliability and quality of all Inada massage chairs the cube is more than just a foot massager. Whilst the Cube is open it offers a soothing and therapeutic foot, calf, seat, and lower back massage and when you need more space, just fold it up and use as an ottoman, stool, or side table.

No other foot massager on the market contains so much therapeutic power in such a sleek, space-saving design, with its 4 pre-programmed sessions, Inada CUBE functions as a massage chair to improve circulation and reduce pressure points in targeted areas everywhere on your lower body: feet, calves, seat and lower back. Plus, unlike standard foot and calf massagers, CUBE offers a unique “swing” program that gently rocks the hips and lower back to help balance your body’s core.

Compact Design - The Inada Cube is easy to use anywhere; you can enjoy a massage in even the smallest of rooms
Folding Massage Chair - The Inada Cube is very easy to fold and store when you are not using it as a Massage chair
Use as an Ottoman/stool/side table - The Inada Cube can be used as a convenient stool, Ottoman or side table when it's folded

A complete lower body massage is offered by 21 air bags for your legs, feet, hips, buttocks and back!
You can enjoy a comprehensive lower body massage.

  • Foot massage with shiatsu point therapy
  • Calf massage with shiatsu point therapy
  • Air-actuated seat for buttocks/hips massage
  • Air-actuated low-back massage
  • Four pre-programmed sessions
  • High and low intensity setting
  • All-in-one massager, stool, and ottoman!
Soles and Calves
Wrapping your insteps and calves, newly designed air bags with shiatsu/reflexology mats give greater stimulation to your soles and the back of your calves.
Pelvis/Hips and Thighs
Seat air bags provide shiatsu pressure and twisting motion to your pelvic area. The back of your thighs also receive compression massage from the seat air bags.
Hips and Lower Back
Your hips and lower back are squeezed and compressed as if being massaged by the palm of the hand

Chair Description Inada CUBE
Model FML-3000
Black OR Red/White
Power Supply AC 220-240V,  50 -60Hz
Massage Range Feet, calves, seat, and low back
Preset Programs (4) 4 Healthcare programs
Weight Limit 110kg
User  Height Range 5' to 6'4" (Approx.)
Open Dimensions 98cmL x 49cmW x 70cmH
Closed Dimensions 55cmL x 49cmW x 45cmH
Product Weight 22.5kg
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty


3 Reviews

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  • Jacqueline Smith  May 23, 2017 @ 1:45pm wrote:

    Excellent service, I received the chair within 24 hours of ordering on the internet. Have only had one massage so far but am very happy with the product, it's compact size is ideal for us as we live in a retirement village and space is at a premium.

    Thank you Inada, great product and great service.

  • Andy  May 07, 2014 @ 5:57pm wrote:

    My 83 years old Mum uses it daily overseas. She found that it is therapeutic. It claimed to be the smallest massage chair as the cube really save space. By chance, I found it available in Australia. the Cube plus is better with the roller on the lower back. I do recommend it for the quality and space:)


  • Rachel Kelly  Mar 25, 2014 @ 8:04pm wrote:

    Thank you Inada for my free cube plus massage chair I won From your competition. This is the first time I enter in a random Entry competition , it's my luck ! The portable cube plus massage chair is conquered and being Enjoyed by my 3 kids ! They are taking turns and expressing how Relaxing it is while reading their books . Great product and portable to carry around. Thanks again to the wonderful Staff at Inada Sydney :-) Rachel and kids

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