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Inada Duet Gravity Massage Chair


Quite simply, there is no other massage chair on the market like this!  The Inada Duet Gravity Massage Chair is Inada's very special 50th Anniversary commemorative model.  It is the only massage chair in the world that has twin engines.  It is also the only massage chair in the world to have the newest 8-Axis technology which provides you with more varying massage movements over your body. The amazingly unique Inada Duet full body massage chair is essential for those looking for a 'true blue' thorough body massage, release of stiff muscles, rejuvination and stress relief along with the comfort of the Gravity recliner position to simly relax in.  See further details in below information tabs

Inada Duet Gravity Massage Chair is an industry first and is the model that commemorates our company's 50th year anniversary.  The Inada Duet Massage Chair is the culmination of our past 50 years, bringing together the technological capabilities of Family INADA, the zeal of our engineers an the asperations of all our employees.  We believe that the debut of the INADA Duet represents a new start in the history of massage chairs.

The massage chair is a cultural health-care device originating in Japan.  There can be no doubt that, from the perspective of preventive medicine, there will be an even greater need for the massage chair, not only in Japan but throughout the world, and it will become an indispensable household item.

INADA is the ONLY Japanese made massage chair brand in Australia and the only massage chairs that come with included 3 year in-home warranty*!  Family Inada (Japan) are the creators, developers & industry leaders of massage chairs  - there is simply no comparison to this unique new massage chair & to enable you to experience the superiority, the Duet Massage Chair is provided to our customers at a very special comemorative model affordable price representing value for money, so there is no-longer any need to settle for anything but the best!

We sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to have your own therapeutic and revolutionary Inada massage chair experience. Once you do, we are sure that you’ll understand how our massage chairs are superior in every way.  This commemorative model has no comparison on the market as there is no other massage chair in the world that has TWIN ENGINES (two sets of independent roller systems - one for upper body including back/neck/buttox & the other for lower body including thighs, calves and feet) and no other massage chair in the world that has the new 8-axis technology (allowing the massage movements to be more unique/varied and reach even more areas across your body). You will soon discover how an Inada Massage Chair can efficiently keep you "youthful" and "healthy", as well as soothing stiff muscles, relieving stress and relaxing.  The massage chair has been developed on the assumption that it will be used daily to help maintain the good health of everyone in the family. You will wonder how you ever lived without an Inada Massage Chair.






*Medical Device Approval No. issued by Japanese Ministry of Health.



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  • Russell Dickman Australia  Jan 04, 2019 @ 6:02am wrote:

    I purchased a duet massage chair two years ago. Since then it has been used at least twice a day and hasnt failed once. Just keeps working. Also have never needed to pay for a massage since. I particularly like the way it targets a certain area. In my case the knots behind the shoulder blades. The covering on the chair at shoulder blade height is wearing due to extended use in this area, but I placed a towel of similiar colour over the top of the chair.

    Well done Inada.

  • Bob  Apr 23, 2015 @ 9:10pm wrote:

    We have always wanted a massage chair but was not fully convinced one can deliver as good a massage as a real person. That is until we tried the Duet when we made up our mind to purchase one straightaway. 5 months on, my wife and I enjoy our daily massages on the chair to relax and cure all the aching muscles after a long day - it really gives a good solid massage!

    Great chair aside, we are also really impressed with the customer service Inada provides especially Carny who dropped by for a service call the day we rang up about a noise issue with the air pump. And he fixed it within minutes! My wife was really happy as the usual experience is that customer service would not be as good post sales - but not for Inada!

  • Alan  Apr 16, 2015 @ 4:37pm wrote:

    I got to know Inada Duet Zero Gravity on Internet while I was searching for the superior massage chair for my wife, who lives such busy life with so much duties. My wife agreed to try on this one so we've purchase one. We've had such great customer serve and delivery with very useful training. Now my wife stays happy and more energetic, no more lining up the queue at the massage place in the shopping centre. Inada Duet Zero Gravity is certainly the choice that anyone can be pleased.

  • Grace  Apr 16, 2015 @ 4:23pm wrote:

    I recently purchased mine and I absolutely love it. I couldn't live without any more. The delivery was so smoothly done despite of its weight and also my narrow corridors. The service team trainer me with lots about the functions and also tips that they've learn as well, which were very useful. I thank Inada for painless knight and good kick starts in the morning

  • Graham  Mar 23, 2015 @ 9:17pm wrote:

    We purchased this chair in December last year and the reason I have taken so long to write this review was because I wanted to spend a bit of time in the chair for a fair assessment. It was intially purchased for my wife who suffers from neck pain due to standing all day in her work as a surgeon. She likes a therapeutic massage so the duet seemed like the best choice. I also compete in professional sport so thought it might be a little helpful with soothing constant muscular pain and a tight S.I Joint issue I have had for a long time. This chair has been fantastic for both of us. I can honestly say, I dont think there are many real massage therapist's who can hit some spots like this chair does. It can be brutal or you can set it to nice. But the added bonus of it is it is there available to us both when we need it, we don't have to put up with nagging pain until we can get in to see a massage therapist. I have never gotten out of the chair without relief and neither has my wife. Expensive but after having it for 3 months it was well worth it.

    The guys at the shop were great also, and gave me plenty of time to sit in all the chairs before deciding.

  • Vincent  Mar 12, 2015 @ 5:10pm wrote:

    I'm all about product review and with all good things there is always a bad. So I'm here to give my review of this chair. I purposely waited a while before doing a review because like all thing new it's always a hard to pick up on any down points and the longer you have it the more little points you will notice and pick up on. So I have had the chair for about 3 months now. I purchased in from badbacks hawthorn in melbourne. The first encounter was stunning the chair looked and felt great while I tested it. And by all means tested a few time to make sure my investment is not at vein (it's a very costly machine) so the order was down and received the chair after Christmas. First couple of weeks I used it everyday to relief tension etc. Great massage! However, I'm beginning to notice little aspect of it that becomes more of an inconvenience.( By all mean the chair still provides a great massage) firstly I'm finding it increasingly noisy, few areas that the roller hits get abit rattling and noisy not so great when your about to fall asleep. 2 the back roller is not a smooth, there is 2 points where it feels like the roller is going over a speed hump, I suspect it's where the cushioning joins and thirdly the holder for the remote is not very intuitive, you have to pick it up turn it around to change settings and with multiple use the cord become twisted. Now I'm convinced that a flat holder for it will be more useful then a pouch. Other then that the chair still provides a wonderful massage and really only the above points that I give it a 4 star.

  • won h chung  Jan 06, 2015 @ 8:37pm wrote:

    Duet became Our family's everyday enjoyment. Morning program fits me very well and after work I can find manual massage program especially for my neck and shoulder.Love this chair and no regreat !

  • terezastefani  Sep 19, 2014 @ 7:02pm wrote:

    Great product, would definitely recommend to others looking to buy a massage chair. The duet has all the functions of a massage chair within the household. Great range of massage options which are easy and suitable for all members of the household. Really impressed by the customer service of the employees.

  • Colby  Jul 18, 2014 @ 11:54am wrote:

    Love this chair, it does a real Massage like a person sitting behind you to massage you. Highly recommended for people who like a real and strong massage.

  • Rachel Kelly  Mar 25, 2014 @ 6:46pm wrote:

    My inada duet in red was delivered today 25 March 2014.Very professional and excellent customer Service from Nicole , Carny and Max. Absolutely Devine to sit on , true to their words a true blue massage chair !!! It was totally relaxing and in 15 minutes time I'm falling asleep. It was energizing and will definitely recommend to family and friends. I don't need to see a chiro , physio and a massage therapist. I can have it anytime in the comfort of my home.. It's worth buying it to Pamper your health and well being !!! Quality product Made in Japan is another plus bonus :-)

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