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Inada S878 Massage Chair




Japanese Massage Chair which has been introduced to Australia for those who desire the quality, reputation and proven health benefits of a Japanese Massage Chair but at a more affordable price!  The S878 Massage chair is jam-packed with features whilst remaining compact in size and affordable for those who do not neccessarily need all of the extra "bells & whistles" in the higher model Inada Massage Chairs.  See further details in below information tabs

Always wanted a massage chair but limited with space?  The Inada S878 is perfect for you!

Have the desire to own a quality Japanese Made massage chair but with a slightly limited budget? The Inada S878 is perfect for you!

Want an affordable, compact massage chair for everyday use in your home? The Inada S878 is perfect for you as whilst it is a compact and affordable massage chair, it is still jam-packed with features including unique stretching massage for improved posture, proprietory "12 accupoint" rollers which create a more ultimate massage being the same size as actual thumbs; hand/arms & leg/feet massage as well as all the usual massage techniques you would expect to find.

INADA are the only JAPANESE MADE massage chairs in Australia.  INADA have a 50+ year history, since making the world's first massage chair in 1962.  INADA are world-renowned leaders in the massage chair industry with no other massage chair manufacturer even coming close to the expertise, quality, technical proficiency, history, reputation and passion that INADA have! 

At this price, there is no longer a need to settle for any of those inferior 'brands' on the market!

This price is only made possible by elliminating some of our usual extra offerings including finance (not available on this model) & warranty period of 2 years (which is still far superior to most other massage chairs on the market) instead of our usual 3 year warranty.  DISPLAY MODELS ARE SOLD IN "AS IS" CONDITION AND COME WITH 12 MONTHS WARRANTLY ONLY!






Acccurately detecting the accupoints for massage that have an effect on health through scanning the entire body!.....

The smart optical detecting system can sense accupoints according to body shape. As one of the most unique technological characteristics of the Inada Medical Massage Chairs, the smart optical detecting system, detects individual accupoints and treats them effectively.

It precisely locates accupoints according to body shape.  It does more than simple massage - instead, it deeply massages accupoints which embodies the experience and technology that Inada constantly gathers and explorers in relation to massage, presenting the ultimate relaxing experience.






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