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Inada YuMe Robo Rocking Massage Chair - Discontinued Model



The Inada YuMe (pronounced "you" "me") is a holistic massage chair providing an amazingly relaxing experience with it's rocking massage.  The YuMe massage chair was the first in the industry to introduce the rocking motion which transends you away into a place of complete tranquility.  Along with it's proprietory neck stretch pillow, thera-eliptical kneading leg massage and colour kinetic LED's, this massage chair is certainly one for everyone - you & me (YuMe)!  See further details in below information tabs


Proprietory Body Scan measures each individual users body to locate your shiatsu points & then accurately personalizes the massage session to your specific body.  This advanced technology delivers a truly customized massage experience for each individual user of the Massage Chair.


Proprietory Neck Stretch Pillow delivers shiatsu-style accupressure massage, kneading, gentle rotational movements, and gentle neck traction.  Diligently mimics the movements and sensations of a skilled massage therapist.


Thera-Eliptical Kneading (TEK) skillfully massages your calves by applying compression and rotation at the same time.  It is truly amazing!  Imagine a massage therapist squeezing either side of your calf with their hands, and then slowly squeezing both hands in an up/down/circular motion to relieve those tight calf muscles!


Colour Kinetic LED's allow you to float away as your darkened room gradually and calmly shifts between the relaxing tones provided by Colour Kinetic LED's.  Colours and regularity specifically designed to completely unwind you and help you slide into a relaxed, tranquil state of mind.
















Colour Options (NB: Currently only in-stock in Black/Ivory colour - all other colours are made to order)

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